KCBS / Kansas City Barbeque Society

Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) is the world’s number one barbeque organization that has more than 20.000 members all around. KCBS sanctions over 500 barbeque contests world wide in order to promote barbeque. This number is continuously increasing as the attraction of barbeque is growing in Europe. The main mission of KCBS is promoting, protecting and improving barbeque by involving and training more and more people.

KCBS arrived to Hungary in 2017 so finally the local barbeque fans can take their share from KCBS’s extensive knowledge base and contest system.

KCBS Contests

The contest teams compete with each other in 4 classic categories in KCBS contests:

  • chicken

  • pork ribs

  • pulled pork

  • brisket

There are winners and runner-ups in all four categories, while the champion and runner-ups of the whole contest are announced based on the overall scores of the four categories.

KCBS roles and statuses

KCBS Member

  • Anybody can join KCBS by obtaining a membership. It has to be renewed annually.

  • One-year KCBS membership automatically appertains to various classes (judging and cooking).

Lifelong KCBS Member

  • It is worth to obtain a Lifelong Membership for those who are dedicated to KCBS and take part in many events annually.

KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge

  • A Certified Barbeque Judge is trained and certified by KCBS. Anybody can become a judge who has an interest in barbeque. If you are a Certified Barbeque Judge you can register at any KCBS contest and be a judge there.

KCBS Table Captain

  • A Table Captain is the seventh person at each table where they help and instruct the work of the six judges. They introduce the entries for all four categories and, if necessary, help with the communication between the judges and KCBS Representatives.

KCBS Master Judge

  • After acting as a judge on at least 30 KCBS contests one can apply for the Master Judge title. It is necessary to pass a professional test to obtain this title.

KCBS Representative

  • It is a leading position in the KCBS system for those who perfomed outstandingly for many years in various KCBS positions. Any KCBS contest requires the presence of at least two KCBS Representatives. They are the supervisors and co-organizers on KCBS sanctioned contests.

KCBS Board

  • It is the management of the Kansas City Barbeque Society. They are the ambassadors of BBQ culture, people with thorough knowledge and decades long experience.

KCBS Contest Team

  • It is the team that applies and takes part in barbeque contests organized by KCBS.

KCBS Contest Team Chief Cook

  • He/She is the Team Leader, who is the contact between the team and the audience during the contests.

  • It is a term and condition of the contest that the team’s Chief Cook must be a registered KCBS member.

KCBS Contest Organizers

  • The hosts of the local contests sanctioned by KCBS. They know the country/city/region and the local barbeque community. They help and support the integration of KCBS culture at the contest venue and country, in the local media and with the audience.