Tokaj-Hegyalja has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage as a historical wine and culture region since 2002, having won this title due to its unique terroir features, microclimate and winemaking procedure. This is the world’s first closed wine region with a protected designation of origin – since 1737 -, and produces the extraordinary and iconic Tokaji Aszú, which is the most balanced and complex sweet wine in the world, one of the most renowned Hungaricums. The first underground cellars carved into the rocks were built in the 13th century, which later have grown into several floor deep cellars, into a complete, mysterious underground empire. Hegyalja boasts of such 600-700 years old cellar labyrinths carved deep into the rhyolite tuff rocks.


The village with great history of Tokaj-Hegyalja –a thriving agricultural town already in the 1600s – is located at the geometrical centre of Europe, where churches of the Baroque style and old mansions decorate the scene for enjoying wines. Tállya’s exciting landscape consists of former noblemen’s estate centres and houses, mansions, cellars as well as the vineyards surrounding the village. This is a place where once the countryside’s gentlemen smoked cigars in front of the oak gates of the press buildings, and the wine maturing in the barrels of the cellar labyrinths was enjoyed by emperors, popes and poets – today you find a historically rich environment which is enlivened by a passion for wine, gastronomy and arts. The village is a mere 2-hour drive from Budapest on the motorway, and hundreds of years of wine-making history, rich monumental and cultural heritage, special natural habitat features, the most extended wine cellar labyrinth of the wine region, local traditions, excellent accommodation options and quality culinary treats all come together to mark its outstanding significance.


The vineyards around Tállya have been considered particularly superior for centuries, even today the most promising grape-growing areas are to be found here. The first-class, diversely oriented vineyards are related to historical families who all took part in laying the foundations of the wine culture in Tokaj-Hegyalja – local wineries strive to follow this historical tradition. Vine types are 75-80% Furmint, 20-22% Hárslevelű and 1-2% Muscat. The peculiar value of Tállya’s land is that all of the special Hegyalja soil types can be found among the vineyards, making the wines from these selected areas remarkably characteristic and unique. The keyword for Tállya wine-makers is natural treatment – they opt for little intervention and for as natural wines as possible.